Strategic Collaboration Group
Strategic collaboration with firms and clients throughout the country

Our partners have over 100 years of combined litigation and alternative dispute resolution experience in many areas including commercial litigation, financial services, real estate, medical malpractice defense, employment, products liability, and insurance.   We have a unique understanding of the needs of the community, witnesses, juries, and the judiciary.  Proactive business management, discovery, and witness and case collaboration is essential to success, both in and outside the courtroom.

Our Strategic Collaboration Group provides competitive rates, giving clients and other law firms the option of having available the services of one to three partners, and one to two paralegals as necessary to assist with pre-suit management, litigation management, and other business disputes.

We offer the following services:
  • Witness preparation, whether for critical meetings, depositions, and/or trials
  • Focus Groups
  • Mini Trials
  • Mock Trials
  • Local Counsel
  • Discovery Counsel
  • Pre-Suit Assessment, including sworn statements

Randy Cowherd,
Laurel Stevenson,