Medical Malpractice

Haden Cowherd & Bullock, L.L.C. offers the medical community an experienced and growing malpractice defense team whose goal it is to guide the medical professional through the complex and often stressful medical-legal arena.  Having handled numerous medical malpractice cases involving a myriad of medical issues, specialties and entities, Haden Cowherd & Bullock’s defense team draws upon that experience to offer unique insight and protection to healthcare professionals and organizations.

Led by founding partner, Randy R. Cowherd, Haden Cowherd & Bullock has served the medical community for over a decade.  Original team members Randy R. CowherdCatherine A. Reade and nurse-trained paralegal Shelly D. Richardson lead the malpractice section, having worked closely as a team on complex and high risk litigation since 2002 when Randy R. Cowherd assumed the lead for Haden Cowherd & Bullock’s malpractice section.  Haden Cowherd & Bullock’s original team has successfully tried cases ranging for more common procedures and complications to the rare and extreme.  Most lawsuits involve multi-million dollar claims.  In 2009, the team’s success was recognized by Missouri Lawyers Weekly publication, with Randy R. Cowherd being named the State’s top defense lawyer by defense verdicts and Catherine A. Reade the runner-up.

The success of Haden Cowherd & Bullock’s malpractice section has led to increased trust by a multitude of healthcare organizations, health care providers and insurance companies.  The medical malpractice section’s growth has led to the addition over the years of additional team members Philip QuinnCarey A. WilliamsonKimberly D. Valdez and Robin McCormick.