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We are a Springfield MO firm with close ties to the community, but our reach extends statewide and beyond. We have 150 years of combined early assessment and litigation experience –from appeals to worker's compensation to wrongful death. We have tried hundreds of bench trials and more than 200 jury trials, including multi-million dollar cases involving both compensatory and punitive damages. Our attorneys are frequently called upon to handle complex litigation matters, ranging from insurance coverage disputes, to medical malpractice trials, to business and real estate litigation.

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Civil and Commercial Litigation

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Civil law sets out the rules that govern individuals and businesses in their interactions with one another. Commercial litigation is the process of resolvingRead More »
Medical Malpractice Defense

Insurance & Medical Malpractice

Insurance companies are often the target of lawsuits. Some of these lawsuits are frivolous, but others have merit.Read More »
Criminal Law - Attorneys Springfield MO

Criminal Law

Whether you committed a crime or are being accused of one, it is important to know that the strength of the prosecution’s case against you will be the key factorRead More »
Real EstateAttorney Springfield, Missouri

Real Estate

Landlords should put serious consideration & a substantial amount of energy into hiring a landlord-tenant attorney.Read More »
The Benefits of Working with a Local Law Firm

Local Counsel & Collaboration

The success of any business depends on its ability to adapt and change with the times. At our law firmRead More »
Sexual Assault

Victims Rights

Sexual abuse is a difficult and sensitive topic. Emotions, such as shame, confusion, and anger, are often involved.Read More »


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