Shelly-D-RichardsonShelly D. Richardson

Shelly D. Richardson is the supervising and senior paralegal at Haden, Cowherd & Bullock, LLC.  Shelly received nursing training through Cox College of Nursing and has past experience working in the Emergency Department.  Shelly joined Haden Cowherd & Bullock in 2002 and has worked closely with Randy Cowherd in the development and expansion of the firm’s medical malpractice section.  As lead paralegal for the firm’s malpractice section, Shelly has been an integral part in the success of the Haden Cowherd & Bullock defense team, working with physicians, nurses, experts and other health care professionals to prepare them for and guide them through the litigation process.  She also assisted in developing and utilizing the litigation support systems that have been invaluable in conveying the complexity of medicine and the defense themes of the firm’s clients to lay jurors in trials conducted throughout Southwest Missouri.

Although Shelly may assist with any of the firm’s malpractice clients, her practice focuses primarily on the interests of the larger clients, Lester E. Cox Medical Centers, Ferrell-Duncan Clinic, Inc., Mercy Hospital-Springfield and Mercy Health Springfield Communities.