Plaintiff, a diabetic, claimed that due to inadequate operating and training practices, he suffered a heatstroke during a heat advisory while doing repair work in a partially enclosed building.  Plaintiff was eventually hospitalized, and claimed a permanent brain injury and more than $2.3 million in damages.  Lead counsel Laurel Stevenson with assistance from partner Jeff Laney defended multiple allegations, including the failure to advise plaintiff of the risk of consuming excess water, and the failure to advise plaintiff of the importance of electrolyte replacement.  The defense focused primarily on the reasonableness of the defendant’s work practices, and the plaintiff’s pre-existing occurrences of hyponatremia/low sodium, occurrences which were unknown to defendant until after plaintiff’s claim.  During the seven-day jury trial, the jury heard from multiple witnesses, including two medical experts: a neurologist from Johns Hopkins and a toxicologist from Syracuse, New York.  The jury returned a verdict for the firm’s client on all claims.  Paralegal Kellie Mitchem provided invaluable assistance before and during trial.